Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hopes and Expectations

The loss to Wake shouldn't be too much of a surprise to anyone. It's been obvious for a while that we have certain glaring weaknesses on this year's team. Unfortunately, they all seemed to merge in this particular game. An off-shooting night, esp. from the free throw line by DeMarcus, lack of interior size, and inability to stop quick, athletic guards are the Achilles' heel of this team. And I also think Zoubek is a huge liability. Who cares if he's 7 ft? He can't play.

Of course, sooner or later, we'll have to play a team similar to Wake in the tournament, and we'll likely struggle. While I still think we have a chance to beat anyone on a given night, it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to reel off 6 in a row and claim the title.

Having admitted as much, I think my hopes for the season are now to just beat Carolina at home and win the ACC regular season crown. Anything more would be gravy. If we do manage to beat UNC at home, it'll probably give us the #1 East seed and the best possible road to the Final Four. And it will give UNC a pretty tough road in the NCAAs. And then we'll just see what happens.

Last thoughts - keep Zoubek planted on the bench and play Smith more. He's clearly our best PG. Paulus is basically a SG now.


Betty said...

Last week I chanted, "Duke is puke" in front of Gus; he was highly insulted :) He then tried his hardest to think of a rhyme for UNC. He came up with "U-N-C is a big bunch of pee." Then he got mad and said, "Man, that is so lame!" :D hahahahaha!

Eric Lim said...

How about, "Carolina, Roy's a whina'"

Or you can teach him some nursery rhymes, like this one to the tune of London Bridge:

UNC is going down,
They can't win,
When Duke's around,
Their head coach is such a clown,
He is such a baby.

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