Friday, December 21, 2007

Thoughts on Duke-Pitt

Even though we lost the game, I was encouraged by several things I saw. We missed too many free throws, layups, and open 3s, but we were still leading for most of the game, and it took a fadeaway 3 to put us away. There were also too many silly freshman turnovers and very little interior defense/rebounding.
But I liked how we dominated the first half. I liked the big shots by Henderson, Singler, and DeMarcus near the end. Those guys didn't look timid at all.
There won't be too many nights when we miss as many free throws or threes as last night. And our freshman will get better. At least they're all talented and fairly basketball-savvy. Obviously, we need to get tougher inside, but I still like our chances against most teams, esp. come March.

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