Sunday, December 30, 2007

X-mas in Northern Virginia

Here are some Christmas pics of the Parks - Rachel is 6 now and Samuel is 2 1/2. (Sorry, although I am Asian, I've messed up the whole text/picure layout.)

You can see that little Samuel is quite the stylish fellow sporting his sweater/turtleneck combo. 80's in December?Brian, you should know better than to tease the rest of us suffering through a cold winter! Man, I miss Southern California!

Joyce, you look fabulous! You should model for Fit Pregnancy magazine, or something. I think Joyce looks more fit pregnant than me! Again, congrats to Baby Girl Paik - it'll be nice for Josh to have a little sister to protect.
It's nice seeing all these nice postings with all these pics of some good-looking kids - thank God that they don't look like their parents!
Although I realize that most bloggers are Dukies, let's try to keep the B-ball postings to less than 10 paragraphs - please, the ACC regular season hasn't even started yet - let's not get too excited too fast. I know last season was pretty miserable for the Dukies, and the team does look good - BUT come on, wait until Feb/March or so before we all get too wound up.


Stacey said...

Happy New Year, Jin Hyuk! How adorable are your KIDS!!!!!!! Your adorable little Samuel looks JUST LIKE YOU......I'm sure you hear that a lot. And your daughter is such a pretty lady. They seem to be so loving to each other. Great job! Glad to know you are doing well!

sandra said...

oh my goodness, rachel looks like her mommy and samuel look just like his dad!!!! his smile is JUST like yours, esp in the second pic. they are both so cute! thanks for posting. send me your mailing address- i don't have it.

and i agree with you that joyce looks incredible - better than me, and i'm not even pregnant!

Anonymous said...

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